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We achieve success for organizations that seek to protect and expand their operations into new states with minimal resistance to growth and profitability. Our dynamic network of partners across the country ensures proactive advocacy. We don’t just respond to legislation. We seek opportunities, nurture relationships and develop new programs according to the strategy we devise together with our clients.

We are the indispensable extension of your government affairs team, present in any state you need us to be. Our team works directly with you to navigate states that are important to your business. Once we have identified the key targets, we use our extensive on-the-ground network to monitor and track any impending legislation.

By collecting data in the states through our contacts, we pinpoint potential policy opportunities or challenges and create risk algorithms to find most attractive and potentially fruitful states, helping us develop both short-term and long-term legislative goals.

The InState Partners team builds a strategic plan that engages policymakers, community activists, staff and executive officials in achieving your objectives. The environment changes quickly in state advocacy, and our team is prepared to confront or propel any issue that arises with immediacy and force.

Even when you can’t be there, our team can. We are constantly in state capitals, maintaining and developing key relationships. Not only does this make our advocacy services more cost-effective, but it also allows for greater freedom and flexibility for our clients. We keep in constant communication to ensure all resources are spent on achieving your objectives.


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Political Risk Assessment
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Strategic Advice
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Let us help you reach your legislative objectives in any state. Leave us a quick message, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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