GovTech Startups

We enable GovTech startups to introduce and promote innovation in state and municipal governments, where over the course of two decades we’ve developed a deep network and presence. Backed by a private-equity firm ourselves, we speak the language of early stage companies and startups. We know how to assess opportunities, formulate a strategy and develop a pitch that will get your product in front of its target audience in the government.

Our engagement starts with working on your marketing and pitch materials to hone the right message. Together we develop, test and manage the strategic value proposition for every audience you might encounter.

As your messaging becomes more articulated, we’ll help you find a partner in a state or municipality to drive your idea, making sure they are viable and able to provide funding. Leveraging our extensive lobbyist network, we will determine the most effective targeting and execution strategy that makes all growth goals achievable and sustainable.

Our team will collaborate with you to increase the visibility of your products by constantly tweaking educational campaigns and messaging, so they reach the right people. As part of these campaigns, we’ll also guide you to the appropriate procurement routes and partners to ensure success.


Messaging Development
Legislative Engagement
Identifying Opportunities
Access to Decision Makers

Let us help you reach your legislative objectives in any state. Leave us a quick message, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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